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RollArt® - The fascia role, order now!

The RollArt® Fascia Roll

The RollArt® Fascia Roll is a natural product made from alder wood, produced in the county of Oldenburg/Northern Germany. We use exclusively high-quality materials with special regard to sustainable production methods.

Each RollArt® Fascia Roll is a unique product and traditionally handmade.

What are Fascia?

Fascia are a tightly woven net of connective tissue that is collagenous and fibrous. They form a web throughout the body and consist of the fundamental elements of life: Proteins and water.

Where do fascia matter

  • Form: Structure, coherence and stabilisation of the body.
  • Movement: Collaboration of muscles and connective tissue.
  • Supply: Functions for metabolism (access to lymphatic system)
  • Communication: Managing pain and additional body information. Linked to central nervous system.
  • Managing wound healing process after injuries.
RollArt® for physiotherapy and training
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